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Emdity is a rifle stock replacement and accessories supplement to help improve accuracy and consistency.

  • Super True Case Study

    How Emdity Changed My Life

    "I was at the range with my bolt-action rifle. And, as usual, my groupings were scattered. I was uncomfortable. I was inconsistent. Then a friend told me about Emdity."

    -Some Guy, age 40 something.

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Can't Make This Stuff Up

Proven Results

For effective treatment, Emdity should be taken along with a disciplined training and practice program.

Users of Emdity experience tightened groupings and longer range impacts. In most cases Emdity has been found to enhance positioning and stability. Even small doses of Emdity have shown to improve performance.

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  • Caution

    Side Effects

    Emdity is not for everyone. Some side effects may include:

    • Relief
    • Pride
    • Euphoria
    • Reduced Sucking
    • In some cases, Gloating
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